Ready, Set, M-GO!!

1/14/2013 0 Comments

When we started working on what would become M-GO a couple of years ago, we discussed what could be done to improve the world of digital entertainment. We personally, as well as friends, family, and even complete strangers, were fed up with the current state of streaming services.

The transition from such physical formats as DVDs and Blu-ray discs to digital ones should be happening faster, yet, it isn’t. Why not? We live in the future, right? There shouldn’t be any more waiting in line, no more scratches, no more returns, and no more “out of stock” signs. So why is it in this day and age of “on demand” that we can’t get what we want, when we want it?

Talking to consumers, they told us it just wasn’t easy enough. They didn’t know where to get their movies or TV shows. They didn’t know what kind of commitment they needed to make.
What they did know was that they had a lot of questions: Do I have to subscribe? If so, for how long and how much does it cost? Can I watch only at home or can I watch on the go, too? If I buy something, is it stored on my computer, my tablet, or just “in the cloud?” What is a “cloud,” anyway?
With all these complicated questions being asked, our mission became quite clear: people deserve an online service that gives them the entertainment they want. They deserve a people-friendly way to watch their movies and TV shows. And that’s no empty promise—we actually take that to heart.
From that point, we knew what M-GO had to be and do.

Now with our mission defined, we crafted some core elements to our philosophy:

1) We are more than just another media store. M-GO is an entertainment service and resource aimed at becoming your first—and last—stop for finding and watching entertainment. M-GO is so committed to taking the hassle out of watching digital entertainment that we’re going further. If M-GO doesn’t have the content, we’ll help you find it on Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix and Vudu.
2) We’ve worked hard to land direct content deals with Hollywood’s leading studios to get you the freshest new releases from the first moment they’re made available after theatrical release. That means weeks, if not months, before Netflix. Add to that a huge catalog that gives you access to a deep and growing library so you can enjoy such old-school favorites as Cary Grant and Burt Reynolds at your fingertips. M-GO is a pay-as-you-go streaming service, which means you pay only for what you watch. We believe that delivers more value for consumers: no subscription fees and no ads.  Just the movies and TV shows you want.
3) M-GO is here for you anytime, anywhere. We’ve made M-GO available across all the devices you want to watch at home and on-the-go: smart TVs, computers, tablets, Blu-ray players and more. At launch, we announced deals with LG, RCA, Intel, Samsung and VIZIO, with more to come. We won’t rest until we’re available on all the devices you use and choose.
4) It’s not enough to be “user-friendly.” We need to take that a step further and be “people-friendly.” We’re focused on creating a personalized experience for you.  Today that means keeping your viewing playlists personalized. M-GO allows up to six profiles per account so that each member of the household gets tailored recommendations. And the “Watch List” feature lets each person have his or her own wish list of movies and TV for later viewing.
5) We want you to think of us as your Entertainment Wingman™. We make the journey more fun, and we’ve got your back if you ever need help. So what does that look like? We have entertainment experts (and yes, even former video store clerks) curating content in unique and unexpected ways. Plus, we have customer care available to you based at our Culver City, California headquarters, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We’ve put together a great team of people who are all entertainment lovers to help make this dream a reality. We’ve got folks from Technicolor, DreamWorks Animation, Apple, EA, Fandango, and many other top companies who are 100% focused on building M-GO to be the best digital streaming service on the planet.
So after 1,000+ days in the making, hundreds of university and technical degrees put to the test, thousands of pizzas devoured, hundreds cups of coffee guzzled, and many, many episodes of televisions sitcoms, blockbusters and fringe flicks absorbed, we’re here.
Say hello to M-GO.
It’s nice to meet you.


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