Customer Care: Out with the New, in with the Old

2/11/2013 0 Comments

When I was little, we lived in a small, rural community of fewer than 2,500 people. In that town, there were two grocery stores and then a larger “chain” store about 20–30 minutes away. My mother shopped only at one, the local Shop Rite. I remember asking her once why she chose to shop there. They never had the largest selections or the best prices, and it always smelled weird.
To me at the time, it just didn’t make sense, but what she said has stuck with me since that moment. “I shop there because they care about me and make me feel I am appreciated for spending my money there.” Powerful words. Fast forward a few years to when I started working as a waitress, and then later in customer care.  Those words have been my anthem ever since.
I want to make customers feel that I care about them, that they matter to me, because at the end of the day they do. They are also the ones making it possible for me to earn a paycheck and, in turn, allowing me to take care of my loved ones. So, in theory, my customers are part of my family.

However, most companies today are trying to do more—with less. And likewise, care agents can become more concerned about the clock than about truly listening to what the customer is saying.
So I say, out with the new and in with the old!

At M-GO, we are excited about our customer care. We know it can make a major difference in how successful we are as a company. This is why our team is seated next to the engineering and operations team to ensure real world support and real world answers to your questions. After all, we’re only as good as our customers say we are. We want you to know that you matter to us and that you’re part of our M-GO family. Our team is based entirely in Los Angeles. We welcome your questions or concerns, and we want your suggestions. So go ahead, contact us any time. We promise “Real people who speak human 24/7.” We’ll be here to talk.


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