Streaming Now: M-GO Goes Live On Safari For Apple iPad and iPad Mini

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APRIL 18, 2013 – Culver City, CA - M-GO, the people-friendliest new digital entertainment service, today announced availability of its entire catalog of blockbuster films and hit TV series for users of the popular Apple iPad and iPad mini tablets. Now, fully optimized for the iPad, consumers can stream and enjoy the freshest movies and TV shows much earlier than Netflix. Getting started on M-GO is as simple as opening the Safari browser, typing in “,” signing up for free and then using its “Easy As Pie” TM interface to browse and select what movies or TV shows they want to buy or rent. All of this is instantly at their fingertips without requiring the download of an app.

“Our ongoing goal is to help people get back to the joy of entertainment and part of the strategy is making M-GO available on all of the devices that consumers use and care about,” said John Batter, CEO of M-GO. “Being available on both the iPad and iPad mini expand consumer access to our vast library of new releases, classic favorites and hidden gems. With the new addition of these devices, we are getting closer to making the promise of ‘Entertainment Everywhere’ a reality.”

To entice new customers, M-GO is currently offering its “Say ‘Hi’ and Try” offer, giving all first time customers who create an account SD movie rentals for only $0.99 each and HD movie rentals for $1.99 each during their first 30 days using the service. The offer applies to the company’s entire movie catalogue, including all new releases such as: Django Unchained,Silver Linings Playbook, Gangster Squad and The Impossible. M-GO is a subscription-free service available at

iPad Lovers Can Now Enjoy an Easy, Cross-Device Digital Entertainment Service

Some of M-GO’s unique product features include:
  • Unlike other streaming and media stores, M-GO goes further. With such a robust and constantly expanding library of the newest releases and deep catalogue of hits, M-GO is confident that it will be able to gratify even the most discerning consumer searches. However, M-GO is so committed to taking the hassle out of watching great digital entertainment quickly and easily, that it is going further - if M-GO doesn’t have the content, it will help people find it on other media stores including Amazon, Hulu, iTunes, Netflix and Vudu.
  • M-GO is device and platform agnostic. It’s available on all major platforms and functions on a full spectrum of operating systems ranging from iOS to Windows.
  • Keep your viewing playlists personalized: M-GO gives up to six profiles per account and has a “Watch List” feature so that each member of the household gets tailored recommendations and their own wish list of movies & TV shows they want to watch later.
  • Spending limits for parents to give their kids the freedom to watch but the ability to budget and avoid credit card shock when the bill arrives.
  • Paying only for what each individual really wants to watch. M-GO does not lock people into ongoing subscription fees and does not require people to buy additional hardware.
  • M-GO also enhances viewing and entertainment discovery by providing movie trailers, critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, Cast and Crew images, filmographies and more – which provides a helpful second-screen experience.
  • We’ve-got-your-back customer support. Real people who speak human (not tech or geek speak) available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
In addition to the new availability of the digital service on the iPad platform, M-GO also has partnerships with some of the world’s leading consumer electronics makers. M-GO will be available as a preloaded service on the hottest new smart devices from Samsung and VIZIO, LG Electronics and RCA. To get started, consumers simply need to open a web browser through Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Firefox – and type in


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