Employee Spotlight: Meet Arnaud

9/09/2013 0 Comments

Reading the M-GO blog is about more than just finding out the latest happenings at M-GO. The blog is also about getting to know the faces and personalities behind the people-friendliest way to get movies and TV shows. This week, we’re checking in with Arnaud Retureau, resident film buff, scarf enthusiast and Director of Strategic Partner Integrations at M-GO.

Are you ready to become a star on the M-GO Blog?
You know, everyone gets their 15 minutes of stardom, so it’s my time.

First off, what would you say your official role is at M-GO and how do younormally explain it to friends?
I’m working a lot with all of our external partners, so you could think of me as their wingman, to put it in M-GO terms.

So, you’re known around the office for wearing scarves…
Yeah, I came into the office one day without a scarf on and everyone wondered what had happened. People told me I looked naked without a scarf on. It just fits with my personality and I like to differentiate myself.

What do you think has been the best use of scarves in movies and TV recently?
I would have to say Lawrence of Arabia, but it’s not really recent.

Lawrence of Arabia is not exactly recent. But it’s a classic, so I’ll allow it. Do you have anything on your M-GO watchlist that you’re excited to see?
The problem is that I have over 60 items on my M-GO watchlist.

That’s a lot.
I recently saw the trailer and now I’m excited to watch Adore. I don’t always have the time to get out to the movies and M-GO helps since some movies become available on our service the same day they’re available in the theaters.

What part of the creative process in filmmaking interests you? If you could trade jobs with someone else involved in filmmaking, who would it be?
I think I would be a casting director.

Interesting choice. Why a casting director?
Because you have a script and then you need to find the right fit for thecharacters. You have to look at the creative piece and whether the actors will work for the roles, but then you also have to look at the personalities to make sure they’ll fit within the larger group making the film.

So if you had to cast someone playing you in a movie about your life, who would it be?
It would be Eddie Redmayne, who was in My Week with Marilyn. I know I can’t fight my French accent, so I think he would be able to get it right.

Do you think the movie about your life would be a comedy or a drama or an action flick?
I think it would be a romantic comedy with some drama in between.

There always has to be some romance. And with romance comes the drama. And then the comedy.
Exactly. And we start with romance, because I am French. Naturally.

Last question—who do you think we should interview next?
I think the next employee to take the plunge should be Royce Disini - one of our fearless product leaders who just got married. Congrats Royce!


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