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We’ve been cooking up something pretty exciting at M-GO. It’s called Dinner & A Download—our first original M-GO series and a first in digital entertainment that’s going to take movie night to a delicious new level.

Featuring some of our favorite celebrity chefs, including Top Chef winner Richard Blais, Ben Sargent, Paulette Goto and George Duran, Dinner & A Download is all about helping movie lovers get more out of their entertainment experience at home. Hosted by culinary personality Jeffrey Saad (Cooking Channel’s United Tastes of America), each episode focuses on a great movie theme—and the dishes our chefs were inspired to create. But this isn’t about just making pasta while watching mob movies. It’s about helping create an entire movie-watching experience, from the kitchen to the couch.

The episodes are free, along with the recipes, which come as a digital download. Each of the movies featured are available on M-GO, so go ahead and have some fun in the kitchen, then buy or rent the movie you want to watch while enjoying those delicious dishes. To get started, check out

Bon appétit!


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