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There’s exciting news from M-GO as we boldly leap forward into new technology for our users! This afternoon at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) we announced a partnership with Samsung UHD TVs to launch 4k streaming services in spring of 2014. We’ll kick off with a wide selection of full-length 4K theatrical hits and popular TV shows from Hollywood’s leading studios and networks to be made available to consumers the earliest they are released digitally.

What does M-GO’s 4k streaming partnership with Samsung mean for you? It means you’re on the cutting edge of film streaming when you watch with M-GO. 4k takes your content experience to a whole new level, and our unique partnership with Technicolor allows us to not only provide content created or post-produced in 4k, but also create a 4K OptimizedTM solution that leverages source files from licensed content partners and reprocesses them to enhance the visual crispness, color acuity and image depth for 4K television owners. That means more 4k content for you to enjoy on your devices.

“M-GO and Technicolor are working very closely with our studio partners, chip manufacturer partners and Samsung to deliver on the full 4K promise – not just ‘more pixels’, but ‘better pixels’,” said John Batter, CEO of M-GO. “We are committed to getting consumers to experience the value and amazing visuals in 4K of the hottest new releases and TV shows, the earliest they are available - the way filmmakers and creators meant for them to be seen in eye-popping immersive 4K.”


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