M-GO Lands on Samsung UHD TVs to Deliver Native 4K and 4K Optimized Hollywood Content to Consumers in Early 2014

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LAS VEGAS – CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, January 6, 2014 – M-GO, a pay-as-you-go digital movie and TV streaming service joint venture between Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation, today announced that it has developed a comprehensive 4K streaming service to launch on Samsung UHD TVs in the spring of 2014. M-GO will kick off with a wide selection of full-length 4K theatrical hits and popular TV shows from Hollywood’s leading studios and networks to be made available to consumers the earliest they are released digitally. M-GO is debuting its 4K streaming solution this week highlighting native 4K content as well as demoing content optimized for UHD TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show (C.E.S.) - within Samsung’s show floor experience Booth #12004, Central Hall in the Las Vegas Convention Center and Technicolor’s showroom at the Veronese ballroom at the Venetian Congress Center, Level 2, Suite 2402-2403.

Leveraging Technicolor’s dynamic heritage in image quality from production to final stages of distribution, M-GO’s is delivering the highest quality 4K image - whether the content is authored, post-produced or optimized for upscaling on the TV. Offering multiple ways to get access to premium Hollywood content will deliver consumers expanded choice and a much needed deeper content library to enjoy in rich 4K viewing with significantly reduced bandwidth requirements of just 3 mbps for up-scale to UHD.

For content not authored or post-produced in 4K, Technicolor and M-GO’s 4K OptimizedTM solution leverages the source files from its licensed content partners and reprocesses them to enhance the visual crispness, color acuity and image depth for 4K television owners. M-GO’s solution generates files that are customized for specific upscaling chips embedded in TVs.

M-GO: Built for Next-Gen Technology and Consumer Experiences
M-GO relies on a unique integration with its joint venture partner Technicolor to leverage its 4K mastering and restoration expertise. This enables M-GO to capture and showcase the sharpest images – from mastering, to encoding, to creation and collection of the custom metadata. This Technicolor-developed solution is inclusive of significant compression technology, which is critical to the success of 4K through its relationship with Technicolor and control of its content mastering pipeline - from IP to post-production, M-GO stands apart from other digital retailers and uniquely positions the company to be an early mover in this space. The company’s technology architecture has been designed from the ground up for 4K.

“M-GO and Technicolor are working very closely with our studio partners, chip manufacturer partners and Samsung to deliver on the full 4K promise – not just ‘more pixels’, but ‘better pixels’,” said John Batter, CEO of M-GO. “We are committed to getting consumers to experience the value and amazing visuals in 4K of the hottest new releases and TV shows, the earliest they are available - the way filmmakers and creators meant for them to be seen in eye-popping immersive 4K.”

For more information, please visit www.mgo.com.

About M-GOM
M-GO is the new pay-as-you-go digital movie and TV streaming service that makes it easier than ever to browse, rent, buy and watch the newest and best selection of movies and TV shows on your screens. M-GO was created by people who love entertainment for people who love being entertained and is a joint venture between DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor. With both technology and entertainment in the company’s DNA, M-GO’s mission is to transform the world of digital entertainment on the viewer’s terms. M-GO has secured content deals with Hollywood’s major studios which drives its always growing library of the newest releases – the earliest it is available at retail - as well as a deep catalogue of hidden gems and classic favorites. M-GO is available on major platforms and functions on a full spectrum of operating systems ranging from Android to iOS to Windows. M-GO is pre-loaded on Samsung’s Smart TV’s, Blu-ray players and Wi-Fi tablets, LG Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, VIZIO’s Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, Wi-Fi tablets and digital media players, and Roku streaming players. M-GO is a free service available at www.mgo.com.


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