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Imagine: At age four, you're sentenced to prison for 13 years with no access to education. This is a story of what it means to grow up in jail...and yet find hope in unlikely places. And it's the story of a hero named Pushpa Basnet (CNN's 2012 Hero of the Year), known to many as Mamu, who is changing these kids' lives.

In association with Kinonation and Susan Sarandon's Reframed Pictures, 100% of every Waiting for Mamu transaction on M-GO goes directly to the residential home for children you will learn about in this film.

As its first cause marketing initiative, M-GO, a premium digital streaming service and joint venture between Technicolor and DreamWorks, and Reframed Pictures, an independent production company, announced the exclusive availability of the awarding winning Waiting for Mamu for rental or purchase on mgo.com. The short documentary film tells the story of Pushpa Basnet and children in Nepal that grow up incarcerated while their mothers serve prison sentences. Basnet, known as Mamu by the children, runs The Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) that provides these children with an education and chance for stable futures.

"Most people see an injustice, get upset, do a short-term something and move on. Because to do more would mean interrupting their lives,” said Susan Sarandon. “Pushpa dared to forge a new path, against all odds, to give incarcerated children an education and a future. To give them love and build their self esteem. To give them hope. She does all this without any claim to their future. Her story is an important one that should be told and I'm honored to have had the opportunity to help make that possible.”

“As a movie and television streaming platform, M-GO decided ‘filmanthropy’ is an important space where our company can contribute,” said M-GO Senior Vice President of Content Cameron Douglas. “We’re excited to partner with Reframed Pictures to support a film that carries such a strong message of social activism.”

Please visit mgo.com/mamu now to purchase the short film Waiting for Mamu. It's more than a movie - it's an opportunity to make a positive change in the world. Thank you for your generous support.


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