Packing Up Our Things and Heading Out West(side)

4/08/2013 0 Comments

Growing M-GO in the backyards of Technicolor and DreamWorks Animation has been great; since the launch of M-GO in late 2012, we’ve been hard at work rolling out our streaming service across more devices and introducing new features, while continuing to expand our library with the freshest content available. It’s all part of our plan to make M-GO the people-friendliest streaming service on the block.
But one important thing comes with meeting these goals for our company: growth. We also need to expand the dedicated group that makes M-GO possible, which is why we packed up our team (100+ members) and made the move from Burbank to Culver City. Now we’re preparing to make room for 50 MORE new M-GOers whom we are currently in search of, and we’re leaving no stone unturned.
Positioned on the Westside of Los Angeles, Culver City is known for its dynamic energy. It’s also part of the region dubbed “Silicon Beach” -- Southern California’s increasingly prominent home for next-gen technology companies. That fact, coupled with Culver City’s deep roots in the entertainment industry, makes this hot spot an inspiring fit for our company. We know it’s the right place to attract top talent and continue developing M-GO into a world-class organization intent on creating the best and only destination for digital entertainment.

Our new digs showcase a fiercely unique exterior that gives people on the street a reason to do a double take. And we’ve taken extra care to make sure our interior office features an open, relaxed space with comfortable lounge areas, tons of natural light and a cool, modern design that encourages creativity and collaboration.

And while our fresh-faced new home is designed to keep us humming along, our focus still remains on what’s best for our customers. And research shows that the shortest distance to a happy customer is a happy employee. So you’ll have to forgive us if you find a few foosball games amid the TPS reports. We want the entire M-GO staff to truly embrace the same innovative, fun, and friendly experience we strive to offer everyone who uses M-GO. So if you need anything, give us a call. We’ll be here.


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